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San Antonio Eye Center, P.A. is the corporate name of the private medical practice in which we work. The practice has eleven San Antonio ophthalmologists, two optometrists, 11 optical shops and approximately 100 staff members. 

There are four San Antonio Eye Center main locations (Downtown, Southside, Northside, and Ingram), some of our physicians see patients on theSouth East side at Trinity Vision. Most of our surgeries are performed at our outpatient surgical facility, known as the San Antonio Eye Surgicenter, which is connected to the downtown clinic location. 

The Northside, Southside, Ingram, and Downtown office have optical departments on site.
Dr. Harris, a San Antonio eye doctor, joined Dr. Jack Lee in private practice in 1975. The office was located at 409 Camden. In 1976, Dr. Harris
opened an office on the Southside of town in which he worked part-time. Dr. Lee retired in 1978, the same year that the property at 800 McCullough was purchased.

The move to the new downtown office and surgery center took place March 1, 1980. The first cataract operation in the San Antonio Eye Surgicenter took place in May 1980. Our outpatient eye surgery center was one of the first eight facilities in the nation to be certified by Medicare shortly after the law was passed in 1982. The South side office building at 2119 Commercial was completed in the spring of 1983.

  •  The North side office at 14807 San Pedro, on the outskirts of Hill Country Village was opened in July 1996. 
  •  Jason Ming Zhao, M.D. joined the staff in October 2001 and is currently an owner in the organization.
  •  Aaron Erdmanczyk, O.D. joined the staff in January 2004.
  •  David Abrams, M.D. joined the staff in January 2006. Dr. Abrams became an owner in October of 2009.
  •  Sora Hahn-Navas, M.D. joined the staff in October 2009
  •  Sanford Roberts, M.D. joined the staff in May of 2010. Dr. Roberts became an owner in October 2011.
  •  Georgia Stephenson, M.D. joined the staff in June of 2010
  •  John Nicolau, M.D.  joined the staff in August of 2010
  •  Donald Semler, O.D. joined the staff in October 2011
  • The Ingram office at 6151 NW Loop 410 Suite 200, near Ingram Park Mall was opened 12/19/2012
  • Now open is a new 6500sqft clinic next door to our Surgicenter on McCullough.
  • Maria Teresa Whitney, M.D. joined the staff in November of 2013.
  • William Thornton, M.D. joined the staff in January of 2014.
  • Vasudha Panday, M.D. joined the staff in September 2014.
  • Gawain Dyer, M.D. joined the staff in October 2014.

As the younger physicians have joined the practice, Dr. Harris has reduced his hours so that he can spend more time on his current hobbies of choice, pottery and photography.

Our Philosophy
"I believe the patient deserves a fair deal when he or she comes to our office. He or she deserves the best quality medical care given by competent and considerate people. A patient's anxiety about being in a physician's office should be acknowledged and dealt with in a serious manner. It is important to render care with the patient's best interest in mind.

I believe the employees should find this office a pleasant place to work, that the job requirements are within their capabilities and the demands placed on their time are such that their duties can be accomplished during working hours. I believe it is important to have happy employees since this is reflected to the patients and makes them more comfortable. I believe the employees should work hard when they are on the job but the cares and worries of the office should be left behind when they punch out."

Dudley H. Harris, M. D. 

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